Foremost Golf Mfg., Ltd. was established in 1993 and expanded on September, 2006. Currently, there are over 300 staffs. We are the largest OEM golf ball manufacturer in Taiwan. Our golf balls are all conform with U.S.G.A. and R&A rules. We serve our customer the best and provide our customer with the best quality of golf balls all over the world.

Consistent quality ensured with US testing machines

Is quality your focus? It's ours. In order to ensure our golf balls exceed the standards of the
USGA and R&A, we subject them to rigorous ballistic and impact tests, using advanced testing
equipment from the US. And with an AQL of 4.0,we maintain an acceptance rate of 99.5
percent-2.5 percent higher than the industry average.

10 million golf balls monthly from Asia's largest maker

Producing 10 million balls monthly
With an output of 10 million golf balls every month, we are the largest maker in Asia.
This means we can achieve ideal economies of scale, and offer you lower prices than competitors'.
It also enables us to handle your large-volume orders faster-minimizing your time to market.

Balls with USGA and R&A approvals

R&D teams in the US and Taiwan
When designing new products, our US and Taiwan-based R&D teams strike a perfect
balance between form and innovation. Whether it's adjusting dimple design to improve ball
flight, or adding high-end features like titanium-blended cores or novelty flashing lights,
they can meet your OEM/ODM needs. Contact us now to find out more.

Foremost's Advantages

The process flow of the manufacturing area is built to be the best in Asia.
Ownership's commitment in making a good product is evident in the quality of the equipment purchased.
The willingness to acquire new equipment to support the golf ball business.
The floor level leadership is willing to learn and is eager to work hard.
The enthusiasm of professional employees and talented engineers to run the operation.
Cleanliness of Production Flow is strictly enforced